History of GADEST Conferences

Starting from 1985 in the former German Democratic Republic, the GADEST conference is biennially organized. Until 1995 it was held in Germany. Thereafter, it was hosted in various European countries. From the GADEST 2009 in Döllnsee on, web sites are available for the individual GADEST conferences. Please follow the links below to the respective conference web site.

The GADEST conferences and their chairs are:

GADEST XVII 2017, Lopota resort, Georgia (Teimuraz Mchedlidze, Hans Richter & Alexander Shengelaia)

GADEST XVI 2015, Bad Staffelstein, Germany (Peter Pichler)

GADEST XV 2013, Oxford, UK (John Murphy & Peter Wilshaw)

GADEST XIV 2011, Loipersdorf, Austria (Wolfgang Jantsch & Friedrich Schäffler)

GADEST XIII 2009, Döllnsee, Germany (Martin Kittler)

GADEST XII 2007, Erice, Italy (Anna Cavallini)

GADEST XI 2005, Giens, France (Bernard Pichaud)

GADEST X 2003, Zeuthen, Germany (Hans Richter)

GADEST IX 2001, Catania, Italy (Vito Raineri)

GADEST VIII 1999, Höör, Sweden (Hermann Grimmeiss)

GADEST VII 1997, Spa, Belgium (Cor Claeys)

GADEST VI 1995, Wulkow, Germany (Hans Richter)

GADEST V 1993, Klingemühle, Germany (Hans Richter)

GADEST IV 1991, Klingemühle, Germany (Martin Kittler)

GADEST III 1989, Garzau, East-Germany (Martin Kittler)

GADEST II 1987, Garzau, East-Germany (Hans Richter)

GADEST I 1985, Garzau, East-Germany (Hans Richter)